The Pentecostal 
           Country Church

Encouraging, Strengthening and 
Comforting one another in the 
love of Christ.

Youth Ministry

Back in 2002, Pastor Blair began youth ministry at the Country Church. However, their was a prophecy about his basement regarding many salvation's.  After a few failed attempts at trying to kick start the prophecy by having  meetings in the basement, we learned the lesson of waiting on the Lord to fulfill His word.  In 2005 we had a few meetings in the basement just to do something different and we noticed the Spirit of the Lord moving.  We decided to take the youth ministry to Pastor Blair and Julianne's basement thinking, perhaps the Lord is going to fulfill the word now.  The Lord broke through and a youth revival broke out.  The Holy Spirit moved in power with healing, and various signs and miracles.  The group went from 0 in August to 36 at the first meeting in September where every youth there was crying because of the presence of the Lord and everyone made a decision for Jesus.  For the next year every time we had a meeting there was always a salvation.  It was a great time.  We had 2 youth worship bands and one of the bands lead worship for a church conference, and was asked to play for the school 3 times, worship music that is, which at the time was not permitted by school boards, but the school wanted them to play so, they played.  The first time they played at the school as I looked out there were about 150 students from grades 5-12.  We were playing "Trading My Sorrows" and as the students were pumping the fist and jumping, I noticed that over half of the school present had been through our basement and made a decision for the Lord.  It was very cool.  The ministry in the basement went on weekly for six years.  My wonderful wife Julianne made dinner for over 30 youth nearly every week of that six years.  From there we had some youth go on to Ministry School and our church purchased a building for the use of a youth centre in 2009.  We are still running youth meetings, kids groups and youth drop in from the youth centre to present day.  The dynamic of youth ministry is constantly changing considering we didn't have cell phones when we began but we have learned to adapt with the times and to keep relevant, and not lose sight of Jesus.

Children's Ministry

In 2010 Pastor Blair began a with a junior youth ministry from ages 9-12.  The ministry lasted for two years but because of the amount of time between all the ministries and dwindling numbers, it was put on hold.  In 2014, Debbie Rogers began a children's ministry called Kidszone from the hub for kids from Jk - Grade 6.  There was great interest from the kids as up to 25-30 kids at times would pack out our 900 sq/f building.  Debbie stuck with the group for two years when she felt the call to begin another ministry called Project Serve.  Pastor Blair and Julianne were passed the torch and have been continuing on in this ministry to the present day.